Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Power of Bulk SMS Marketing


Today People Use The Power of Bulk SMS Marketing

Sometime last year, a cousin of mine came hurriedly claiming that a single missed call could help Anna Hazare in his anti-corruption drive. The idea was to garner enough support from the people so that they could pressurize the government to accept the Lokpall Bill. Having spent donkey’s years in the field of mobile marketing, I could do nothing but smile at his naiveté. Missed call marketing is one of the many strategies used by marketing to gather attention among the public.

In a country where more than half the population has access to cell phones, it would be a colossal stupidity to not harness this opportunity. Bulk SMS marketing helps businesses to connect with their customers with short succinct messages. Here are some of the potential areas that have scope for the strategy:
  1. They can be used by public transport authorities like the railways and airlines to inform customers about bookings, cancellations, and also delays in schedules.
  2. Private retail chains can make use of this strategy to inform customers about offers, discounts and other information.
  3. Service providers such as gas/mineral distribution agencies, banks, blood banks can also make use of these services to inform details about orders. Schools too have made use of this service to inform parents of students to convey important notifications.
The SMS marketing has also been of great help to farmers in the rural hinterlands of the country. A recent article in The Hindu reported that a nonprofit organization CAB International has tied up with Handy go (a VAS solutions provider) to help farmers with mobile based solutions to common problems in fields such as horticulture, agriculture, and animal husbandry. The system can thus be used to provide live updates on weather and market prices of agricultural produce.

And for those worrying about the costs- installing bulk sms software and managing it is far cheaper than running a direct mail campaign. It’s also easy to maintain the campaign. Sending Bulk SMS is easy. All that you got to do is to install the software and download an XL sheet that contains the template of messages. And when it’s time to send the message, simply choose the appropriate template. This message shall be added to the mobile phone numbers in the list and then sent individually. Thus, all numbers in the phone-list get the selected text-message.

Bulk SMS has especially been helpful to SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) and internet-entrepreneurs who cannot offer conventional media strategies. The success of every strategy depends on the effectiveness of the keywords used. The message is to be conveyed in not more than 30 words; yet should be compelling enough to compel people to act upon your message.

K.Bhardwaj is Brand & Business Development bulk sms services.
ad at Outsources Marketing Services- a company that markets bulk sms software. He has written several articles to help people understand and appreciate the concept of sms marketing and

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Bulk SMS For Restaurant Owners


The Benefits Of Bulk SMS For Restaurant Owners

1. Communicate directly with your customers
Create an effective marketing strategy with the use of bulk SMS messaging. You will be able to communicate with your customers in a more direct way than ever before, and can personalize messages based on the demographics you want to target. For example, send a text enticing customers with a 2-for-1 meal coupon, only valid if they respond to the message by quoting a code. You can even encourage customers to communicate with restaurant staff via text message, for example, allowing them to make their food order by text before they arrive, or by texting you with any feedback about their experience in the restaurant.

2. Advertise services and offers by text

When coming up with an SMS marketing campaign, you can be as creative as you like. How about running a weekly competition, where you can offer a customer a free dinner for two? Or sending a text message to all your customers to advertise that you have extended your opening hours at the weekend? If you are running a marketing campaign across several different platforms, send a text encouraging your customer to sign up to your website in order to take advantage of the latest information, promotions and offers.

3. Reach more people, faster

Bulk SMS is becoming one of the most popular ways to engage with your customers and clients, and can work out to be a lot more effective than other traditional forms of advertising. For example, you won't have to wait until next week's newspaper to see your business name in print; with text messaging, your advert can be sent within seconds, and more importantly, the only people who will receive it are those who have agreed to receive communication from you. You will be able to send an Bulk SMS to customers who have either previously visited your restaurant, or are interested in doing so, and you will be saving yourself a considerable sum in the process, especially when compared with the costs of newspaper, radio, or television advertising.

4. People are more likely to read your text

Customers are also more likely to read your text message than other promotional material that has been sent via direct mail or email. Your message won't get lost with other spam or junk email, and in some cases, the text message will automatically open on the recipient's phone. Generate sign ups to your Bulk SMS service by asking customers if they would like to be contacted by the company when they visit your restaurant. Once you have a list of mobile numbers, you can tailor your marketing campaigns depending on the service you trying to promote. You can even include contact information within the SMS, such as a telephone number, address, or email address.

About the author:

K.Bhardwaj works in the customer services department for SMK Technology, India based SMS marketing company. K.Bhardwaj has a keen interest in small business marketing and dreams of running her own restaurant one day.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Promotional / Transactional - Bulk SMS Service

Many people in the world still don't know exactly what is Bulk sms. Bulk sms means sending numerous smses at a time. People who know about the services of bulk sms they are developing their business day by day. They want to reach to as many customers as possible with this service.

This service is mainly used in banks because when you do any bank transaction immediately you will get a message by stating that some transaction took place from your account,it's a wonderful software. Most of the schools all over the world using this software to be in touch with the children parents.

Most of the time this software is used by big companies.small company owners don't know the power of this Bulk sms service if they can start using this service,they can double their business in a single month.
  • You can send message to GSM and CDMA coverage in India.
  • You can send sms with you Branded sender id.
  • send sms through some services like using web based system, Excel SMS Plugin, or HTTP API.
  • After sending message you can check you statuses whether message are delivered or not in your software.
  • Excel sheet facility is very useful for school parents can check their children percentages in message only.
  • There are two types of sms one is Promotional and second one is Transactional.there is a lot of difference between these two.when you take the bulk sms package from us we will explain you in detail about it.
  • You don't need any expertise to send Bulk sms. its very simple once you send messages through our Demo account you will understand how simple it is.
  • We provide phone support to customers.
  • If they get any problem on software we can solve their problem in online only within few minutes its our commitment to our customers.
  • most of the engineering colleges using this service to inform their students about the interviews in mnc companies.
  • we don't charge any thing for software customers have to do the payment only for the Bulk sms package.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Bulk SMS Service ~ Cheap SMS Gateway Provider



The business world is choked with competition. each business person needs to urge additional and additional range of shoppers. The business world is choked with competition. each business person needs to urge additional and additional range of shoppers. This fringe of competition needs an enormous range of promoting ways area unit needed to lift the quantity of shoppers. Bulk SMS service may be a great way to use the mass electronic communication system to boost the business.

Our electronic communication services area unit here to serve for such business persons to boost their business through sms promoting. It’s is AN approachable and distinctive approach of promoting that's being considerably appreciated we've an enormous range of purchasers mistreatment our services.

The text promoting may be a correct approach of introducing the Bulk SMS Services and merchandise of an organization or organization to the targeted customers. we provide a platform here to our purchasers to send an enormous range of text based mostly messages to the big range of individuals. Through our services an outsized range of targeted folks become ready to become aware with the qualities of business of our explicit consumer.

Our web site is providing several ranges from that our members might choose any number and might tell it to their relevant peoples so our members would be ready to receive and send bulk messages to the others simply. we have a tendency to are providing the voicemail services here.
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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Welcome to Bulk SMS : The Efficient SMS


SMK Technology In Delhi company offers your business complete end-to-end Bulk SMS solutions for improveing service, creating more value in market and grow more Business. Bulk SMS will you to SMK Technology provide you Bulk SMS in Noida, Bulk SMS in Delhi, Bulk SMS in India solutions for SMS and more, Free sms, Group SMS, SMS India. Send messages to India for Sms marketing or advertisement through bulk sms. Our unique Bulk SMS can send sms directly from EXCEL plugin. We provide bulk sms gateway for sending sms .Send SMS from internet from your computer or pc to mobile.
Communicate and send messages to your customers, employees and prospective clients and use this bulk SMS services to grow your business...

Bulk SMS Features-

  •   Use your Product / Service or Website name as Sender ID
  •   Excel Plug-in and web panel both are available 
  •   Provide Client Data Base of Reliable Cost Of all the States in India (More Than 50 Cr)
  •   Unlimited validity.
  •   Special characters in sms
  •   Real time delivery report and unlimited storage of all reports
  •   Developer API (You can integrate SMS solution with you software and can be     automated)
  •   NDNC Nos. can be filtered without loss of any credits.
  •   Priority routes available for urgent message at no extra cost.
  •   Instant Credit updates
  •   Multiple Payment options
  •   Message for other country
SMK Technology  would like to introduce you our bulk SMS service, that helps you to expand your business's ability across India. SMS Marketing Service helps you to inform news, promotions, or activities, from your business direct to the right target of your customers. With SMK Technology BULK SMS service, you can save costs from the advertising program, and improve your Marketing plan through this efficient system. SMS Marketing service is the best choice for you to enhance your business's plan, and increase more opportunities and channels for your business to reach the goal successfully.