Saturday, 7 December 2013

Promotional / Transactional - Bulk SMS Service


Many people in the world still don't know exactly what is Bulk sms. Bulk sms means sending numerous smses at a time. People who know about the services of bulk sms they are developing their business day by day. They want to reach to as many customers as possible with this service.

This service is mainly used in banks because when you do any bank transaction immediately you will get a message by stating that some transaction took place from your account,it's a wonderful software. Most of the schools all over the world using this software to be in touch with the children parents.

Most of the time this software is used by big companies.small company owners don't know the power of this Bulk sms service if they can start using this service,they can double their business in a single month.
  • You can send message to GSM and CDMA coverage in India.
  • You can send sms with you Branded sender id.
  • send sms through some services like using web based system, Excel SMS Plugin, or HTTP API.
  • After sending message you can check you statuses whether message are delivered or not in your software.
  • Excel sheet facility is very useful for school parents can check their children percentages in message only.
  • There are two types of sms one is Promotional and second one is Transactional.there is a lot of difference between these two.when you take the bulk sms package from us we will explain you in detail about it.
  • You don't need any expertise to send Bulk sms. its very simple once you send messages through our Demo account you will understand how simple it is.
  • We provide phone support to customers.
  • If they get any problem on software we can solve their problem in online only within few minutes its our commitment to our customers.
  • most of the engineering colleges using this service to inform their students about the interviews in mnc companies.
  • we don't charge any thing for software customers have to do the payment only for the Bulk sms package.