Friday, 7 March 2014

Bulk SMS For Restaurant Owners


The Benefits Of Bulk SMS For Restaurant Owners

1. Communicate directly with your customers
Create an effective marketing strategy with the use of bulk SMS messaging. You will be able to communicate with your customers in a more direct way than ever before, and can personalize messages based on the demographics you want to target. For example, send a text enticing customers with a 2-for-1 meal coupon, only valid if they respond to the message by quoting a code. You can even encourage customers to communicate with restaurant staff via text message, for example, allowing them to make their food order by text before they arrive, or by texting you with any feedback about their experience in the restaurant.

2. Advertise services and offers by text

When coming up with an SMS marketing campaign, you can be as creative as you like. How about running a weekly competition, where you can offer a customer a free dinner for two? Or sending a text message to all your customers to advertise that you have extended your opening hours at the weekend? If you are running a marketing campaign across several different platforms, send a text encouraging your customer to sign up to your website in order to take advantage of the latest information, promotions and offers.

3. Reach more people, faster

Bulk SMS is becoming one of the most popular ways to engage with your customers and clients, and can work out to be a lot more effective than other traditional forms of advertising. For example, you won't have to wait until next week's newspaper to see your business name in print; with text messaging, your advert can be sent within seconds, and more importantly, the only people who will receive it are those who have agreed to receive communication from you. You will be able to send an Bulk SMS to customers who have either previously visited your restaurant, or are interested in doing so, and you will be saving yourself a considerable sum in the process, especially when compared with the costs of newspaper, radio, or television advertising.

4. People are more likely to read your text

Customers are also more likely to read your text message than other promotional material that has been sent via direct mail or email. Your message won't get lost with other spam or junk email, and in some cases, the text message will automatically open on the recipient's phone. Generate sign ups to your Bulk SMS service by asking customers if they would like to be contacted by the company when they visit your restaurant. Once you have a list of mobile numbers, you can tailor your marketing campaigns depending on the service you trying to promote. You can even include contact information within the SMS, such as a telephone number, address, or email address.

About the author:

K.Bhardwaj works in the customer services department for SMK Technology, India based SMS marketing company. K.Bhardwaj has a keen interest in small business marketing and dreams of running her own restaurant one day.